Hello – Welcome to Artillumina!

I’m Rachel Yates: mother of 3, Artist, Certified Art Therapist and General Art Enthusiast!  I specialise in providing space for Art in our busy, screen-centric world!

Under the Artillumina banner, I run the following:

  • Art Workshops for Kids
  • Art Workshops for Adults
  • Art as Therapy Workshops
  • Art and Spirituality Workshops

Whilst the materials may stay the same, I use very different teaching and facilitation methods for the different types of workshops.

For example, Kids Workshops are about learning the basics with materials, composition and colour mixing – mostly having fun! This is very different from the Art as Therapy Workshops which involve making art and then discovering what that art might mean. The Art and Spirituality workshops are a great place to learn about using art as a prayerful activity;  whilst the Art Workshops for Adults cover more advanced artistic techniques.

Have a look around, make yourself a cup of tea, enjoy the peace and quiet!

Hope to see you again soon,

Rachel Yates

BA Hons (EN/PB), CertATh

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