Welcome to Illumina – Art and Spirituality Workshops.

Illumina is the name of the workshops designed to explore spirituality through art.

Illumina can cultivate spirituality by focusing on these areas:

Prayer: Prayer is sometimes described as spiritual connectedness. Creating art is a way of connecting with things deeply hidden within ourselves. Sometimes this is where we may have hidden the mystery of God. By connecting with God, the art becomes a prayer. Art making is a unique creative pursuit, it is unlike many of the day to day activities we carry out. The unfamiliar thought processes involved in making art, will not be ordinary, they will move into the realms of extraordinary. Your art prayers may even surprise you by what they reveal.

Sacrament: A sacrament is often described as the Invisible becoming visible. Making art can be a way of taking invisible elements of spirituality and making them tangible; creating something that can be touched or seen. Being able experience spirituality in this way is a good way to connect with it.

Community: creating art together can be a great way to see in concrete terms how community can be a great thing! A prayerful sacred community is a healthy community and a healthy community can be a healing community. The Illumina art projects always include an element of creating together. Illumina promotes community rather than individualism. Art has been described as a cross culturally affirmed vocabulary for discussing spirituality. The completed Illumina projects provide an opportunity for an unhindered connection with the wider community. Perhaps in exhibitions or displayed on the internet, they may help other people to connect with their own sense of spirituality, whatever language they speak.



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