Happy Easter!

On Wednesday 9th March we set off on a journey together. We each took a path into our own wilderness, to spend the 40 days of lent developing our spiritual strength through art.

We left some things behind, we buried our vain sorrows in the wilderness and we discovered the treasure within ourselves along the way.

For some of us, using art as a medium for exploring ideas was a new experience, and became a journey in itself.

We met together on Sundays, exploring the ideas of community and art. Art is one of the oldest known “rituals” that has bonded communities throughout the ages. We used the broken pieces of eight cardboard boxes, transforming them into sacraments, visible tangible thoughts and feelings that would normally remain invisible. This became an underlying theme – the theme of brokenness and transformation. This is the same amazing Easter theme, a broken body becomes transformed into an everlasting one.

So as we celebrate Jesus resurrection, we can celebrate our own transformation into creative human beings,  living in a broken world and helping to transform Earth (as it is in heaven).

Come along to St Francis Rectory tonight, 7pm, to celebrate Easter and reflect on some of the things revealed through Illumina 40.

If you can’t make it tonight, perhaps you’d like to add some comments below for others to share….also, I’d be really grateful for any feedback on the course. Email me at: rh1979uk@yahoo.com.

Shantih, shantih, Shantih.


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