Nurture hope

I am currently reading “The Creative Christian. God and Us: Partners in creation” by Adrian B. Smith. Those of you taking part in the Stations of the Cross exhibition will have already seen this (it was part of the intro email) ….but I really like it so I’m putting it up here too……and hopefully it might inspire us all to nurture our hope (and our creativity!)

“ The creative mind reveals the following human characteristics. Originality: The ability to come up with ideas that are unique to it alone. Such ideas are arrived at through the ability to see things from a different angle, from another point of view, or even to take old concepts and re-arrange them in a different way. The creative mind can take a central idea and build on it in different directions, expanding and elaborating the original idea. …….Fundamental to our capacity to be creative is the exercise of the virtue of Hope. It is as important as Faith and Charity, with which it is grouped as a foundational virtue of Christian life.……Without Hope we lose sight of life’s horizon. It is an orientation of our spirit which gives us the will to live and continually to try new things.”


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