A New Journey

Last year, all the Illumina 40 participants went on a journey together into the “wilderness” . Our journey this year is taking a different direction….we are focusing on Jesus again, but rather than journeying into  the wilderness, we’ll be preparing for the run up to Easter by looking at the story surrounding the last few days of Jesus life. I will be posting creative activities to do each day throughout lent, hopefully encouraging the kind of creative thinking described in “The Creative Christian”. That is…… “the ability to see things from a different angle, from another point of view, or even to take old concepts and re-arrange them in a different way.”

Traditionally the run up to Jesus death has taken the form of stations often called “Stations of the Cross”. So ultimately our journey will be an exercise in taking an old concept and re-arranging it in a different way.

This year, the journey is less prescriptive, some of the creative activities are to spark ideas that you might want to gather together to create an artwork, a poem, an item of craft ….. or just let them germinate in your mind for future inspiration.

From last year’s Lenten journey:

“On Wednesday 9th March 2011 we set off on a journey together. We each took a path into our own wilderness, to spend the 40 days of lent developing our spiritual strength through art.

We left some things behind, we buried our vain sorrows in the wilderness and we discovered the treasure within ourselves along the way. “

So stay with us and we’ll begin this new journey today …..


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